Hot Octopuss Launch 2 New Upgrades To Pulse Solo Line

The multi award-winning luxury Guybrator™ just got better.

Hot Octopuss has unleashed 2 new upgrades to their Pulse Solo line - the Pulse Solo Essential and the Pulse Solo Lux.

Packed with even more power than the original and with the same patented PulsePlate Technology, the Pulse Solo line is the first of its kind to use this level of cutting-edge technology in sex toy design.

What's New?

Hot Octopuss has positioned the new Pulse Solo Essential at a price point below that of the original, Pulse III Solo. 

Despite this competitive price point, users will benefit from a lighter, more powerful version of the toy.

Pulse Solo Lux offers a high-tech alternative, featuring a wearable remote and an independent turbo function, as well as a number of luxury features such as state-of-the-art magnetic charging.

Adam Lewis, Hot Octopuss’s CEO and inventor of the range, said: “Pulse Solo Essential and Pulse Solo Lux are the most powerful and advanced penis vibrators we have ever made. They are packed with sophisticated technology that can lead to hands-free orgasms whether used flaccid or erect. “

“For years consumers have asked for access to our PulsePlate Technology at a lower price point and we are proud to have been able to achieve this without compromise with Pulse Solo Essential. “

“Meanwhile, Pulse Solo Lux presents a huge leap forward for the range, being the first Pulse toy to feature remote control of the PulsePlate™ via a versatile, wearable remote. Both versions are smaller and lighter than their predecessor and offer an upgraded PulsePlate™ delivering 3mm of amplitude.”

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