Guide to Prostate Toys

Sometimes the simple pleasures in life are enough. Other times you need to put something in your ass. But what to put in there exactly?

You’ve finally overcome the stigma and are ready to buy a prostate massager. Or maybe you’re ready to upgrade to the next level. Whatever the reason, I’m happy to guide you on your journey to prostate heaven.

I'm not quite qualified to write reviews on prostate massagers as, sadly, I don't have a prostate. Instead I've enlisted the help of Dave aka Mr Racy. He’s straight so he understands the hangups around prostate play. He has a great site with loads of information on prostate massage and all things sexual.

Buying any sex toy can be overwhelming - there are so many types to choose from, and you may have no clue what to do with most of them. If you want a more visual idea of how prostate massagers work, go to Porn Hub and search ‘Aneros prostate massage’. It will make you wonder why you haven't dabbled in prostate play sooner.

I always recommend starting with the Aneros Helix Sync. Aneros are the anal kings. Their award winning prostate massagers are high quality and inexpensive. They have a wide range depending on your level or size. The Helix Sync is the go-to prostate massager for beginners as it’s non-intimidating in size and seems to hit the spot easily.

One thing to note is, with any new toy, it can take at least a couple of uses to bring you to orgasm, even if you're experienced.

In no particular order, Dave from Mr Racy has reviewed 6 of his favorite prostate massagers:

1. Aneros Helix Sync

Best for: beginners

Syn is the prostate toy that started it all, for me. The very first one I purchased. It helped me learn about my body and how it responds to prostate play. It taught me how and when to move, and when to stop and be still.

With it, I learned the principles of hands free stimulation. And how to experience a prostate orgasm.


Features of Aneros Helix Syn:

  • The small size makes it very easy to insert. This was great when I was first getting started. I could easily stick the toy in my ass with very little discomfort. Easy in. Easy out.
  • It’s great for guys who have never put toys (or anything else) in their ass. It’s small and not very intimidating. The handle is very easy to grab when playtime is over.
  • Once it’s in, IT’S IN. It won’t come out unless you pull it with your hands. I love hands free prostate orgasms, so this device does the trick. Not quite as good as the Vice, but still a solid performer.
  • Relatively inexpensive. For a high quality toy, this is an affordable way to get started.
  • And last but not least, it feels damn good too! Not only does it nudge the prostate, it massages the anal canal as well. A most exquisite sensation!

2. Aneros Vice

Best for: Intermediate to Advanced users

This is my first male vibe, so it has a special place at the top of my dresser drawer. It has been my go-to vibe for a long time because it feels awesome!

Features of Aneros Vice:

  • One of the things I like most about it is the bulbous shape. These bulbs add a bit of kink when I’m playing. The sensation in my ass when each bulb pops into place is exquisite. The sensation is similar to anal beads being pushed, one by one, into my rectum. A feeling of pressure that builds and then subsides. 
  • It stays in place. Once it’s in, IT’S IN. And it won’t come out until you remove it with your hand. No more handling is required once inserted. Then, once you kick the vibrator in…GOOD LAWD. Get the clean-up towels ready.
  • Seriously, though, I can’t get enough of hands free prostate orgasms. This toy gives me one (or several) almost every time I use it. It’s a huge bonus when I can enjoy this orgasmic pleasure while keeping my hands free for other things. 
  • The buzzing vibe nicely complements the feeling of having a full rectum. They are intense enough to be felt throughout the pelvic area, although they’re focused on the sweet spot (the prostate). The overall sensation is hard to describe. Kinda like it truly belongs there!?

3. Aneros Progasm

Best for: Beginning to intermediate users

For an old school, basic toy, the Aneros Progasm is a damn good piece of prostate massage hardware! It’s the bigger, badder, older sibling to the Syn, so beginners beware. So, how does it feel? In one word, AMAZING. It definitely provides the full feeling, comparable to the Vice, sans vibrator.

Features of Aneros Progasm:

  • Great for guys that like a larger device. The size of the head and middle hump is significant.  Not so great for beginners, or men with really tight asses. The feeling I get in my rectum when that first bulge pops into place is simply amazing.
  • Stays in place very well. Once it’s in there’s no coming out until you’re ready to remove it manually.
  • Flexible so it can be manipulated easily. Firm enough to provide consistent pressure.

4. Lelo Hugo

Best for: Beginners to Advanced Users

If I could sum up the Lelo Hugo in just a few words, it would go something like this: Whoa! This toy just ROCKED my world!  Yeah, it’s that awesome. This is my very first wireless remote control prostate vibrator! And what a way to pop my cherry.

Features of Lelo Hugo:

  • Being able to control the vibrator is a magical feeling. I can now truly relax, and really get into my play time.
  • Dual vibrators: There’s one in the perineum end and one in the anal end. Both working in unison to elicit massive, full body orgasms. Wow, these are the most intense anal vibes I’ve ever experienced, bar none. When on the high setting, I literally feel the vibrations from my thighs all the way up to my upper abdomen. Fucking awesome…
  • HUGE range of vibrations from intense rumbles all the way down to mild vibrations.
  • And then there’s the ball massage. As I stretched my legs out flat, I realized that the perineum end (the part that doesn’t go in your ass) was resting right under and against my ball sack. And those vibes felt really good as they pulsated through my scrotum. 

5. Lelo Billy

Best for: Beginners

This was my first vibrating toy from LELO, the one that really turned me on to the brand. They’re, in my opinion, the best on the market. Great battery life, smooth and easy operation, along with sexy aesthetics. Really everything a sex toy owner could want.

Features of Lelo Billy:

  • It isn’t all that thick. So it slides in easily. Even if you have a shy butt-hole that puckers up like a snare drum, this toy will still slide in with ease. 
  • Once it’s in, this vibrating dildo is quite comfortable. No full feeling. No discomfort. It’s just there. There’s plenty of length, so locating and nudging the prostate is a snap.
  • The vibrations are divine…outstanding, actually. This has the most combinations of any toy I’ve had the pleasure of using. 
  • The vibes can be felt THROUGHOUT the abdominal area. This is what elevates this toy to greatness, above all the other prostate toys I’ve used. When the intensity is cranked up, they aren’t localized at the prostate. They expand out to include the rectal wall and beyond. They cover everything, including the rim of your butt hole. For 100% coverage of your entire ass and abdominal area, this toy wins hands down.

6. Lelo Loki Wave

Best for: Intermediate to advanced users

Wave offers something unique to any anal toy I’ve ever seen: it has a reticulating “arm” that moves back and forth to hit two spots at once! The prostate and the nearby perineum. Combined with the excellent vibrations, this is the one and only toy that provides the full package for maximum ass pleasure.

Features of Lelo Loki Wave:

  • Lelo integrated an extra vibrator into the device. Now there’s a vibrator in both the anal plug AND in the perineum massager. 
  • It also has a come hither motion built into the toy. This is the first device I’ve ever seen or used with this type of action. It’s basically like a robotic “arm” that moves back and forth while it’s inserted into the rectum. 
  • These vibrations radiate to adjacent parts of my body, too. On full blast I can feel them several inches away, deep in my abdomen. They’re pretty darn strong. 

Thanks Mr Racy!