The most common reason for customers to return sex toys is that they believe their toy to be faulty. Whilst some sex toys do develop faults and need to be returned to the manufacturer to be investigated and replaced, the majority of the sex toys are not faulty but just need to have the batteries put in the correct way, batteries replaced or they have not been unlocked or charged properly.

The batteries have been put in the wrong way

This is the number one reason why products are returned so it is important to ensure the batteries have been inserted correctly. Many of our battery operated products have small plus and minus symbols on the battery compartment to show you which way to insert the batteries. The majority of products that take 2 batteries require the batteries to go in the opposite direction to each other, one facing up, one facing down, not in the same direction.

It doesn’t work after changing the batteries

Always check that you have inserted the batteries correctly. As mentioned above, many products have plus and minus symbols on the battery compartment to show you which way to insert the batteries. It is recommended that you use powerful batteries from well known brands, cheap batteries will not give you the power or last as long. Nothing worse than the power running down at that crucial moment.

Mixing old and new batteries isn’t a good idea, always use fresh batteries. We also recommend removing the batteries when not in use or when travelling.

The paper battery isolator disc has not been removed

Many battery operated products including almost all Rocks Off products are supplied with batteries already fitted, however you need to open the battery compartment and remove the paper/plastic isolator disc/tag for the product to operate. Occasionally the disc gets stuck in the cap so please check.

The on/off switch hasn’t been pressed for long enough/pressed for too long

Often people hold the control button down for too long or not long enough. Read the instruction information provided with your product. Some require a quick press, others need to be held down for several seconds. If you are unable to turn your product on, please call us and we can talk you through the process.

We always recommend that you familiarise yourself with the controls before use, especially if your product has several buttons.

You have not charged it for long enough

Many rechargeable products require a full charge before you use the. The instruction information provided with each product will advise you how long to charge your sex toy for, the length of time varies between each product and manufacturer. Charging times can vary between manufacturers from 2-8 hours.

It has not charged

It is very important that the charger is fully connected to the toy and the power source. Magnetic chargers must be firmly attached to the vibe and pin charges must be fully inserted. If the charger is not inserted fully or connected properly, it will not charge fully. Some of our products have a magnetic charger which can become disconnected during charging or may get knocked off so it is important to check that your product is still charging from time to time.

If using a pc or laptop to charge your product, the source needs to be switched on (not in standby mode)

Also check the USB charger you are using as this can be the reason why your product is not charging rather than a faulty product or charging cable.

The majority of our rechargeable sex toys will flash intermittently whilst charging. Once fully charged the light will stay on.

If your toy is still not working, please contact us at, or through our live chat feature, so we can assist you.