Sex Toy Cleaning 101

After a mind-blowing session with your favorite sex toy, the last thing you want to deal with is cleaning it. But here's why you need to: if you put your vibrator or other toy away without washing it properly first, bacteria left behind from bodily fluids can breed out of control and can trigger an infection. Not sexy!

To keep you and your partners safe, medical professionals recommend cleaning your sex toys thoroughly after each use. There are a number of different ways to effectively clean your toys, but the method you choose is often determined by what your toy is made of - and how you use it. The following are some preferred methods for keeping your bedside stock squeaky clean.

Follow manufacturers instructions

You know how clothes always come with cleaning instructions? Well, so do sex toys. So, the best way to clean any sex toy is often to follow the directions on the packaging. These cleaning directions are created to not only effectively clean your toys, but also to keep them in tip-top shape.

Soap and water

Good old-fashioned soap and hot water is sufficient for most sex toys. Lather up the toy with a little squirt of unscented, anti-bacterial soap and let the foam sit there for a few moments to kill bacteria and other germs. Be sure to rinse well. If you're washing battery-operated toys that aren't waterproof, be sure to remove the batteries and avoid submerging them.

Toys made of plastic, jelly, or other porous materials, have to be cleaned more carefully, since germs love to sneak into tiny grooves that can form in these after a little wear and tear. Do the same as above, but with a little extra care to make sure you clean the surface as well as any grooves, which can be extremely small.

Sex toy cleaner

A specialized cleanser or spray not only kills off germs and prevents bacterial growth, but also uses conditioning properties which help to keep the integrity of softer materials like silicone and jelly. If you're spending a lot of money on a toy, you want to ensure to keep it in tip-top condition.


To dry, you can either leave your toy to air dry on sheets of clean kitchen roll or speed up the process by drying with a clean towel.


Keep toys stored in a container or pouch (to keep them clean) and in a cool, dry place.

Note on lubes

Don't use silicone or oil-based lubes with silicone toys, because it will stick to the material and break down the surface of your toy. Go with water-based lube instead.

Happy orgasms!